Thursday, June 2, 2016

Part 2 : One to One Accountability and Triggers

Adding our Lights is great for seeing what we did on a certain day but it's not enough if we are going to figure out the why we do what we do.  I could easily have 26 Green Lights for the day but is it because I was making good choices on a certain day or was it in response to a trigger..say boredom.

Triggers really work well when adding yellow and red lights but we can also gain a lot of information about our addiction if we record our triggers on a daily basis.

recoveryBox tracks triggers much like the light system for daily activities.  At the beginning of the day we start at a 0 Intensity level which is Green.  Then as the day goes on something happens and we start to get frustrated, or bored or depressed and we have different levels which will go into Warning for Yellow and I NEED HELP RED.

Again, visually helping us see as we swipe through our days will make habits/triggers/etc jump out at us!

One day I might feel depressed at a 2 level which is very manageable but the next day that same trigger is at a 8 because I was glossed over by my boss for a promotion.  I may not have acted out and therefore I don't have a Red Light to record BUT I still had those feelings.  And this is where you would record why you had that trigger and didn't act out.  

Many times we will be moving our sliders on days we have acted out but eventually we will learn to not act out and our addiction recovery journey will really take on an entirely new look.

You can journal about the day..and I find it very helpful.  The next segment will show you how to link the accountability for lights and triggers and honestly how it paints a much clearer picture for your accountability partner.  With that information, they can help you with encouragement targeted for what you need.

The Book Icon in the upper right is where you would add your journaling.  If the book icon is empty then you didn't journal but if it's colored orange then you added some meaningful information about your day.

I'll be writing more about this Trigger's Module but for now try adding your triggers daily and see if journaling helps you and your sponsor work together better.  At the very least see if it helps you just feel better getting down your thoughts.  

And yes, I add a Green Light each time I journal or add a trigger.  It means I'm taking care of myself!!