Thursday, November 7, 2013

Acting Out - Yes the Red Lights

UPDATE: please know that you can create your own red lights to really tailor recoveryBox to your needs.  Be supported!!

First, I must say I hope that you never have to record a Red Light because it does mean that you have broken your sobriety.  BUT, please don't be overly hard on yourself.  If you do indeed need to record one then do so and move on.  We all make mistakes but the difference is if we learn from them.

How Red Lights work in recoveryBox.

  1. Each addiction will have a different Set of Red Lights.  They are specific to your addiction.  Until this point, all Green Lights and Yellow Lights have been the same for all addictions.  recoveryBox wants to make this specific for your addiction.
  2. Record a reason why you acted out.
  3. Consider entering any triggers that you can think of that might help understand why you acted out.  Even if you just can't make sense of it, enter the triggers anyway.
  4. Send the text/email to your accountability partner.  Please don't skip this just because you have entered a red light.  This is the most critical time that you need to honest.  It might leave you feeling vulnerable but you are not alone.  This is where you are going to get the support you need through a sponsor or accountability partner.
  5. recoveryBox WILL automatically adjust your sobriety date (if you are using that module) based on the red light that you enter.  You don't need to worry about entering it in 2 different places.  
Please don't feel ashamed and wallow in a relapse.  Know it happens, pick yourself up and learn from the mistake.  It's what you do with it that counts.

Below you will see different Red Light scenarios based on 3 different addiction types.  

Alcohol Addiction

Pornography Addiction

Eating Disorder Addiction

There are over 50 addictions to choose from in recoveryBox AND you can even choose multiple addictions at the same time if you need to.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bridget and Julie talk about the Yellow Light

Bridget talks to Julie at the movies about her yellow light. Each day Bridget has been using recoveryBox the app for addiction recovery to track her daily activities, called "Lights". She had a yellow for the first time. A yellow light meaning she was in a situation that could lead to relapse. See what happens between Bridget and her sponsor about the yellow light.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paul and Bridget meet for Coffee

Paul and Bridget meet for coffee to talk about how their addiction recovery is going. Bridget has just started using recoveryBox the iPhone app for Addiction Recovery and in a short time is noticing that her recovery is headed on the right direction.  She's now sober for 14 days.

Bridget talked about how she likes the color coded system as well.  She had some yellow lights and her sponsor noticed something interesting.  They talk about how to use light system with a counselor or accountability/sponsor for a 12 Step program or Celebrate Recovery program.

Bridget has set some goals in order to better take care of herself.  And they both get to add this meeting as a G2 Green Light since it is about Emotional Self-Care.

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