Thursday, May 1, 2014

recoveryBox Version 4.0 Coming Soon!

Version 4.0 Coming Soon

It's in the Apple store now as I write this waiting for approval. 

recoveryBox has grown! We heard your requests and we added them in - we support your recovery!!

New Features:

~ recoveryBox is now Universal for either the iPhone or the iPad

~ iPad version can be used in portrait or landscape mode

~ iPad version works with bluetooth keyboards

~ Multiple Sobriety Dates - set specific dates for each addiction (sobriety date badges and light calculations will work with this too). Just swipe on the Date of Sobriety tool to advance left/right or select from a list.

~ Journaling (this is not the same as daily trigger notes or 12 Step Journaling). Ability to add these Journal Entries to text/email accountability communication piece. Create as many entries for each day as you desire.

~ Ability to email/text 12 Step/CR Journaling.

~ Ability to customize the text/email communication feature. Choose to add your trigger notes, green light comments, yellow/red light comments and journal entries.

~ New FB/Twitter algorithm for displaying sobriety time.

~ 12 Step/Celebrate Recovery Step tools completely revamped with a slick new interface. Less clicking!

~ Faster Badge Calculations

~ Earn sobriety badges for each addiction

~ Enhanced "how-to" section

~ Custom triggers added will always show first.

~ Enhanced labels for yellow and red lights to reflect which addiction light is being selected.

~ Inspirational quotes added to recoveryBox and can be tweeted to Twitter or posted to FB from the Daily Lights Entry screen. Thanks to our users who submitted their favorite quotes.

Bug Fixes:

~ For some users, app crashing when selecting multiple addictions. Sorry about this - but it's fixed.