Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Gambler's Tale ~ Random Resource ThuRsday

I recently came across (via Twitter) this book.  It's about a normal person like you or me who can easily fall into the trap of a Gambling Addiction.  The thing about what I call "soft"addictions is that you are not ingesting, drinking, sniffing etc any type of substance to get those "high" feelings.    Addictions like gambling, pornography, hoarding, fantasizing is that you can create that same feeling without using a substance.  And it's very dangerous!!

The story is a very quick read but also reflects how quickly an addiction can form and often from such a young age.  Check out the Gambler's website for more information and how you can get the digital book.

That's it for Random Resource ThuRsday!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

recoveryBox Mobile iPhone App Review

I think what helps us best in deciding what tools to use in our lives for addiction recovery is seeing what others have to say.  Yes, recoveryBox, a new iPhone mobile app  has only been in the apple store for less than two weeks but it has been used in counseling for over a year by a great groups of testers.

These were actual testers in group counseling for various addictions including pornography, alcohol, gambling, drugs, food addictions and a few others..and even though the initial idea was born from this process, it got expanded quickly by the simple "I wonder if it could do ...???"

After it went live in the app store, we were checking it out to see what others have to say.  And each and every review is near and dear to us because of our goal of helping others.

Here is what Susanna's Music wrote...

"I'm a food addict in recovery, this tool Equips me for that I needed everyday successful.  I was looking for something that is combine with 12Step Program, and everything in "Celebrate Recovery".  This is it! Always with you on you phone where ever you go. I love the fact that I can txt my accountability partner from it, track my triggers. I'm going to promote it to everyone I know that struggle with hurt and hang-ups.  I think God send it!"

Thanks Susanna's Music.. we at HMHApps wish we could give you a huge hug and say congrats on deciding to recovery from your food addiction.  We're glad recoveryBox helps you and we can only hope it helps others too!!

If you ever have ideas on how to improve the app, let us know!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Resource ThuRsday ~ Healing Emotional Wounds

As part of my Random Resource ThuRsday series, I'll be providing insight into other resources that are out there.  Today's I'm linking to a sight for the topic of "Healing Those Stubborn Emotional Wounds".

We all have some sort of baggage in our past that we have to deal with.  I will admit some more so than others but regardless of how painful it is to open that wound again, it has to be done.  I will not pretend to have any answers on how to go about that because each of us has a personal journey that God is leading us down.  But I do know that whatever that might look like, it has to be done.  

I encourage you to visit with a counselor, pastor, trusted friend, trained professional.  Only you know where you are and what type of pain you can handle but the healing must begin.  Trained professionals really can provide insight and advice on moving forward.

And if you are a friend of someone who is going through some sort of addiction recovery, trust me, just being there to listen is such an amazing gift.  Don't be there to solve problems...but to be a good listener.