Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Visually Searching recoveryBox ~ Discovering our Habits

The power of recoveryBox, the addiction recovery toolset, is being able to understand our habits. If we are being diligent about what we are doing and being accountable, it will become obvious that are making progress by seeing your yellow/red lights diminish while the number of green lights (which are new healthy habits) continue to grow.

By looking at our new visual chart it's easy to see - wait, yellow lights always occur on Friday nights but only on weeks where (and you fill in the blank); or I see I'm not really tracking my lights on Wednesdays I see.

While it might sound obvious that we should know this already, it's often not. Those living in recovery for an addiction are usually living day by day and often hour by hour. So being able to see what's going on visually is an important part of the recovery process.

Are you ready to try recoveryBox?

Here is what one reviewer wrote recently when recoveryBox 5.0 came out.

Better and Better 

I appreciate that there is constant improvement on an already powerful and helpful app. You are always responding to feedback and making things better. Thanks for s great app.
We are listening and welcome all feedback. We want to make sure recoveryBox is not just another app - but an important tool as part of your recovery journey to living a life of freedom. Download it today!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Entering Yesterday's Lights..Here's a Hint..updated for iOS7

So you skipped a day entering your lights, but you decided to go back and enter them because it affects your weekly numbers.  BUUUTTTT..you find that each time you have to reset the Date Spinner or Category Spinner........

Nope...you don't!  Here's a hint.

Go to More Tools -> Preferences

There are 3 VERY important settings that you can enable to help make this faster.

1.  Retain Date: this will keep the date of the LAST light your entered.  It's great for entering historical "lights".

2. Retain Category: if you are a person who likes to enter each entry separately for a Category, then enabling this to on will help you out also when entering historical "lights". No more resetting of the category. It will keep the spinner set to the last Category entered.

3. Retain Number of Lights: this is not as important but maybe you are entering an entire week's worth of "lights" and you are entering them by day and category and you know you had the same number for each day.  This is what will keep that number spinner on the last previous entered number.

These preferences are only there to help you stay compliant by allowing "entering of your daily lights" to be as flexible as possible.  So go ahead and quickly enter past lights to create the complete picture.  It's easy and fast.

Don't have recoveryBox the iPhone app for addiction recovery, check out www.recoveryboxapp.com