Saturday, July 30, 2016

What addictions are supported in recoveryBox the iOS app built for addiction recovery?

Want to know what addictions are part of recoveryBox the iOS app?  here goes (but if you don't find one you like you can create your own by customizing the yellow and red lights)

List of Addictions currently supported in recoveryBox:

~ Adrenaline-Producing Activities
~ Alcohol
~ Anger
~ Being Right
~ Caffeine
~ Cocaine
~ CoDependency
~ Collecting "stuff"
~ Cumpulsive Behavior
~ Drug Abuse
~ Eating Disorder
~ Emotional Addiction
~ Escapism/Amusement
~ Exercise
~ Fantasizing
~ Gambling
~ Getting One's Own Way
~ Heroin
~ Hoarding
~ Idolization
~ Isolation
~ Laziness
~ Lust
~ Marijuana
~ Media (TV, Internet, etc)
~ Methadone
~ Opiates
~ OverWorking
~ People Pleasing
~ Perfectionism
~ Pornography
~ Prescription Drugs
~ Risky Behaviors
~ Sadism
~ Self Injurous
~ Self-Judgement
~ Sex Addiction
~ Shopping
~ Smoking
~ Sniffing
~ Social Media
~ Steroids
~ Substance Abuse
~ Theft
~ Tobacco
~ Travel
~ Trivia
~ Vandalism
~ Vicodin (pain killers)
~ Video Games
~ Voyeurism

YES!  You can even choose more than one from the list for concurrent addictions.

QUESTION: why do some of the Addictions have related addictions?  Well, we thought it best to make the "red" lights specific to the addiction.  For example, you may select just pornography from the list or you may combine it with voyeurism if those combined paint a better picture of what your addiction looks like.

Regardless of which addiction you select, the recoveryBox works the same for all of's built around accountability and replacing those bad habits with new ones (as well as understanding the when/why of what you do!)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

recoveroyBox's Today's Widget and Configure PopUps for Badges Earned

It's exciting to be able to offer new features for recoveryBox - and these ideas come from you the user!

TWO new features..

  1. Todays Widget (and how to configure)
  1. How to turn on/off the live pop ups for badges.


Every wonder.. "Did I enter any lights today?" or "Did I text my accountability/partner or sponsor today?" And ever want to know this right away without starting up the app?

Introducing the Todays Widget for recoveryBox (and it's configurable!!)

When you first add the recoveryBox widget  you will see...

  1.  The lights icon - if you have entered lights it will have a checkmark
  2. The text/email icon - if you have sent an email or text it too will have a checkmark
  3. The arrow icon - will bring you to the app
  4. The blue label will default to a motivational saying.  You can configure this to actually display the addiction label if you prefer.
  5. Default is also a display of the years, months and days of sobriety for each addiction. 
If you tap on any of the icons it will bring you to the app at the correct screen.

Select the preference tab to configure the Todays Widget

Turning on addiction labels will display the name rather than a motivational phrase.

Don't want to see length of sobriety and only want to see the reminder lights and accountability icons?  No problem.  Just turn it off an only see a motivational phrase.

Badge PopUp Configuration

Well, not everyone likes to have their badges popup in realtime as they earn them -- so you can now configure this too using the preferences for recoveryBox. If you turn off Display Badges they will stop popping up.  Its that simple!....but know that you are still earning your badges behind the scenes and anytime you want to go see what they are just visit the badge screen.

That's it for new features in 5.2!  Remember, if you have an idea let us know so we can see if it makes sense to add it in.  We want to support our users!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

RecoveryBox Named Best Eating Disorder App of 2016

The Best Eating Disorder iPhone and Android Apps
RecoveryBox has made Healthline’s list of the Best Eating Disorder Apps of 2016!  Healthline’s editors carefully selected each winner based on quality, usability and contribution to the community.

From Healthline...

Eating disorders often have deeply rooted psychological ties, and learning to be healthy again can take time, support, and an acceptance that there will be setbacks.
As many as 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States alone suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. These disorders don’t only affect how someone feels and looks. Left untreated, they can be deadly.
Recovery can be a long and arduous process, and those coping with an eating disorder can use all the support and help they can get.