Saturday, July 30, 2016

What addictions are supported in recoveryBox the iOS app built for addiction recovery?

Want to know what addictions are part of recoveryBox the iOS app?  here goes (but if you don't find one you like you can create your own by customizing the yellow and red lights)

List of Addictions currently supported in recoveryBox:

~ Adrenaline-Producing Activities
~ Alcohol
~ Anger
~ Being Right
~ Caffeine
~ Cocaine
~ CoDependency
~ Collecting "stuff"
~ Cumpulsive Behavior
~ Drug Abuse
~ Eating Disorder
~ Emotional Addiction
~ Escapism/Amusement
~ Exercise
~ Fantasizing
~ Gambling
~ Getting One's Own Way
~ Heroin
~ Hoarding
~ Idolization
~ Isolation
~ Laziness
~ Lust
~ Marijuana
~ Media (TV, Internet, etc)
~ Methadone
~ Opiates
~ OverWorking
~ People Pleasing
~ Perfectionism
~ Pornography
~ Prescription Drugs
~ Risky Behaviors
~ Sadism
~ Self Injurous
~ Self-Judgement
~ Sex Addiction
~ Shopping
~ Smoking
~ Sniffing
~ Social Media
~ Steroids
~ Substance Abuse
~ Theft
~ Tobacco
~ Travel
~ Trivia
~ Vandalism
~ Vicodin (pain killers)
~ Video Games
~ Voyeurism

YES!  You can even choose more than one from the list for concurrent addictions.

QUESTION: why do some of the Addictions have related addictions?  Well, we thought it best to make the "red" lights specific to the addiction.  For example, you may select just pornography from the list or you may combine it with voyeurism if those combined paint a better picture of what your addiction looks like.

Regardless of which addiction you select, the recoveryBox works the same for all of's built around accountability and replacing those bad habits with new ones (as well as understanding the when/why of what you do!)