Monday, September 22, 2014

New Calendar Feature in Version 5.0 ~ Understand Your Lights

Monday, September 15, 2014

iOS8 Support

recoveryBox Update for iOS8

Just waiting for Apple approval. When that happens I'll let you know!

Again thanks to users for testing as well as those who send in requests.

In this next release I have added the following based on user requests as well as bugs identified:

  • iOS8 Support
  • Adding Sobriety Time to Accountability Messages
  • Ability to turn on/off Sobriety Time for accountability messages.
  • Redid the Reminder Messages. For existing users, to take advantage of this, please reset either the Text/Email Accountability reminder And/Or (if you use both) the Add Lights Reminder.  If you are a new worries this will happen automatically for you!
  • Support for iPhone 6/6Plus larger screens
  • Added more motivational quotes (many sent to me by users)
  • Fixed crashing bugs when accessing certain resources
  • Added a few additional badges
  • Worked on better memory management for the entire app
  • Crash when certain users create a text/email accountability message
  • Fixed crash when certain users were editing their addictions
  • Added a few additional badges
  • Changed the Entry Method for the Number of Daily Lights of Green Lights to be more than 10. Will default to 1. An overwhelming number of users asked us to change this and we listened!! 
  • And lastly, the Search Light Feature has a calendar that will display a total count of lights entered for the day. As well as give a visual color indicator of how your day went!!  
AND SURPRISE:: we have had a number of users as us to create some sort of calendar view so that you can visually see the number of lights entered as well as the over all color for the day. This will allow you to visually see if it's a day of the week that tends to be a yellow or perhaps red's always occur on weekends?

I love that so many of you continue to write in with your requests. One request that I am working on that has been requested is the ability to have How-To's in the video form. Hopefully that will be coming soon!

For now I wish you the best with your recovery!

PS. Of course we haven't been able to test the app on the iPhone 6 or 6Plus and all that testing has been done using simulators (which is not the same as the phone). If you have problems please let me know immediately so I can address them.  We are in the queue of getting one ourselves to test but even we have to wait like so many others.