Monday, October 28, 2013

recoveryBox 3.1 is released

Thanks for the users who asked for help, we heard you and responded!

New to this release, the ability to add comments for the Green Lights as part of your accountability messages. Some of you mentioned wanting to have green lights comments as part of the communication piece so that your sponsors better understand your daily habits.  

Please note: this new setting is not on by default. If you want that added feature, please turn it on under the Settings. Also, we kept this setting separate from the Yellow/Red Light comments. We know that not everyone will want this option turned on.

Also new to this release, is the Light Category headings for the text/emails communications to sponsors or accountability partners.

And one last addiction is a new algorithm to speed up creating the email/text accountability message. I noticed I could make it go a bit faster and so I made that change.

~ Be Engaged
~ Be Accountable
~ Be Rewarded
~ Be Supported

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