Wednesday, September 18, 2013

recoveryBox is now iOS 7 ready!!

recoveryBox 3.0 has finally made it through the approval process..yeah we are iOS7 compatible. Here are just a few of the new screen shots.

I know many of you are anxious and have emailed about when it's coming out and what's new so here you are...straight from Apple's site.

You will notice that some screens look exactly the same, while others have been tweaked as well as some entry controls have been changed.  We really worked hard to figure out how to minimize the number of touches to get your data into recoveryBox - as compliance is the key to beating an addiction.

While some screens have some changes, overall I think the users will enjoy the same "easy to use" experience as in iOS6.  AND....if you decide to stay with iOS 6 DON'T WORRY! We actually incorporated those same data entry flow changes into your version as well. So make sure to update to receive all the same benefits.
Congrats on your continued journey to freedom!!

Addiction Recovery is possible and recoveryBox is just one of your tools to make it happen.

New in Version 3.0

~ iOS7 Support : and it looks really nice too!

~ User Experience : we worked with testers (and yes these are real people who have addictions and are currently in treatment) and worked to streamline data entry. In some cases we saved one click, in other cases we just redesigned. REMEMBER: compliance is key to breaking the addiction.

~ New Badges : it's always fun to see what your recovery journey using recoveryBox will earn you..and so with the help of those in the addiction community, we came up with a few more badges to motivate you.

As always, the recoveryBox team wishes you the best in breaking free from your addiction and living the life you deserve.