Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Support Beyond an Accountability Partner - Twitter and Facebook Integration IS HERE


 Facebook and Twitter integration with recoveryBox. We all know support and encouragement are a huge part of addiction recovery. Infact, I believe it goes well beyond the notion of an accountability partner.

Recovery is not going to be achieved by having "will power".  Good grief if that's all it took life would be so much easier wouldn't it?  No, recovery is going to be achieved by making life adjustments in how you think, what you do, who you interact with, what you think is important and more.  Being sober is not a quick and easy thing to achieve.  It takes work.

Part of your recovery system is going to include peers, allies, friends, family, therapy members, meeting members, counselors, sponsors, and in today's day even social networks.  We need to be encouraged and supported in order to maintain sobriety.  Interacting with such individuals will eventually bring us back into the community as a healthy individual who will be ready to give back.

The more I interact with Twitter and Facebook the more I realize there are others who want to support by offering information, words of encouragement and more.  The stigma of having an addiction is slowly being chipped away and I TRULY believe social media is part of that.  

I want to make something very clear.  If you are in recovery for an addiction, you are an "individual who has an addiction".  You are not an "addict".  Dealing with an addiction does NOT define who you are.  As a person you have so much more to offer and focusing on those talents and skills and purposes will be part of you.  Allowing others to love you is part of who you are.  Offering love back is part of who you are. 

With social media outlets, it's easy to connect with others who have the same battles.  And I also believe those who are reaching sobriety milestones want to celebrate.  

And so, coming very soon (the updates are in the app store awaiting approval) is the ability to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook the accomplishments earned in recoveryBox for being Sober as well as sticking with a treatment plan (entering lights, texting a sponsor, creating goals, working the steps).  

Not everyone is at the stage in their recovery that they want to blast to the world about their addiction, but when you are ready to share, recoveryBox will be there to help.

Choose from Twitter or Facebook if running iOS6.
 iOS 5 users can Twitter to tweet their successes.

The badge you earned will appear in the Twitter screen as well as the accomplishment that defines the badge you earned.  

And below you see Twitter.  Pops up for all your followers to see and congratulate you.  The additional feature for Facebook is the ability to post to certain groups or individuals to give you more control as to who sees it.
I really want to see badges flying all around Twitter.  
Post away on Facebook.  
Make sure to find recoveryBoxApp on Twitter so I can follow and be part of your support system. 
"Like" the Facebook" page so you can join the system of support there.

~ Be Engaged In Your Recovery
 ~ Be Accountable To Yourself & Others
 ~ Be Rewarded For Your Hard Work
 ~ Be Supported By Many Others