Tuesday, January 15, 2013

recoveryBox Addiction Recovery iPhone app SUPPORT

Wondering how to get support from someone at recoveryBox?

  • Have an idea you want to see incorporated into recoveryBox?
  • Found a bug that you want fixed?
  • Want to share a recoveryStory (and I'd love to share these if you allow it)
  • Not sure how to use a feature in recoveryBox?
  • Just want a word of encouragement?

Well, here are 5 ways.

1.  Email us at support@recoveryboxapp.com and we will try and get back to you the same day.

2.  Visit the recoveryBox website on the support/contact page

3.  Directly from the recoveryBox support in the APP.

Choose Moore Tools ->Support

Then Choose Email Support

What?  You don't have recoveryBox?  
It's such an inexpensive tool to use during your recovery from an addiction.  Check it out!