Monday, November 14, 2016

Alcohol Recovery App ~ Helping Break the Addiction

recoveryBox - the Addiction Recovery iOS App

recoveryBox was created originally for those in recovery from a pornography or sex addiction.  However, after working with lots of counselors on this concept, we configured recoveryBox so that it would help those who want to break free from the addiction of alcohol.

The preconfigured addiction selection for alcohol has suggestions of the types of habits that need to be broken (called your red lights).  But you can create your own type of addiction that would work better for you by creating your own custom red lights.

By tracking your good habits (green lights) as well as warning situations (yellow lights - people, places, and things) and triggers you can create a clear picture of what habits you have as well as need to break.

Keep accountable with your sponsor or counselor or accountability partner. recoveryBox will let you know it's time to enter your daily lights as well will remind you to connect with your sponsor.

recoveryBox works well with a traditional 12 Step Program or Celebrate Recovery.  Try recoveryBox today. Available for any Apple iDevice.

Don't worry if the lights you see here don't match what you need help with. Customize the addiction to match what you need to track. Users will also want to track their triggers (also customizable) so that accountability partners/sponsors can get a good picture of what's going on.

Want to break the addiction? Accountability does work!