Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spiritual Self-Care Part of Addiction Recovery

Spiritual Self-Care is one of those sticky subjects when it comes to Addiction Recovery.  However, for myself and the friend who recoveryBox was originally built, neither of us would be where we are today without our Spiritual lives.

In the app, Spiritual Self-Care is a G3.  It's the third "level" of the green lights. And the reason that it's the last green light is because you have to take care of yourself physically before you can even have anything left in you to cope with the next level - emotions.  And you have to work on emotions before you can even begin to think deeper about Spirituality.

Yes, these 3 levels of green lights WILL occur concurrently, however you will see a shift.  In the beginning when you are just starting to tackle your addiction, you will notice that you have a few G1's and not many G2's and maybe only one G3 (a quick prayer that goes like this "Oh God, please help me today").

But as time goes on you will notice that when you are really working hard at your recovery that your G3 numbers will increase.

Let's just start with the "how does it work with the app recoveryBox". Select the G3 Spiritual Self-Care from the list.

Next, you will see how it populates the screen.  When you want to record your spiritual self-care activities, select the comments field (where the stop sign is).

Then when you choose "Select From List", it will bring up the self-care items for this light that have been provided.  Remember, you can add whatever makes this work for you. recoveryBox just provides some ideas to get you thinking.  Remember, if you do devotions, twice a day then remember to record it as two G3 Spiritual Self-Care lights. Give yourself credit for all the healthy habit activities that you do each day.

This is just the how to record it in recoveryBox, later this week come back to see the why during the Random Resource ThuRsday post.

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