Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Resource ThuRsday!! recoveryBox iPhone app's 3R's

Tell someone you care about them!

I'm a believer that a website can not only present the service/product they are offering but also random resources that are out there in the community/cyberspace.

So, I'll be offering Random Resource might feature inspirational quotes, websites, other just never know (if you have a suggestion please email it to me for consideration).

This week's random resource..send someone you love a card of encouragement. Recovery from an addiction is a long and often lonely road.  Even if it's someone you just barely know I'm sure they would be encouraged to know that someone notices the change.

So check out these addiction recovery cards.
Please note that I in no way endorse the site or products.  I just thought it's a nice resource to put out there.

Still haven't checked out recoveryBox the iPhone app..well, visit recoveryBox's website to learn more.