Monday, August 15, 2016

Becoming Accountable with a Sponsor/Accountability Partner using recoveryBox

How To Video Series for recoveryBox iOS App for Addiction Recovery

Below you will find our How To Videos for recoveryBox -becoming accountable. When we want to change a bad habit/addiction often the best thing (and often hardest) is allow ourselves to accountable to another person - most often a mentor or counselor or someone who has been through a similar journey. While choosing that person is difficult, you will know you have chosen well if they make you feel a bit uncomfortable with your negative habits while praising you when you choose well.  By uncomfortable we mean they are holding you accountable by wanting to perhaps talk through what happened or bring to light something that might be holding you back.  

Being accountable with recoveryBox is very easy as not only does the app have all your data that is easily aggregated into a simple email or text, the app allows you to customize how much or little data is being sent based on how you and your accountability partner work together.  recoveryBox even allows you to set up alarms to remind you to send that communication.

You might ask if that app can send the accountability piece automatically to your sponsor or counselor?  The answer is NO!  We believe that you must OWN your recovery and therefore while we have all the tools at your fingertips, you must be the one to make the decision to be accountable to someone else.

Becoming Accountable